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This quarterly magazine is the student component for your high school curriculum. Blueprint combines all the relevant topics and cool design teens crave with the deeper Bible study that you desire for your students. It's the perfect resource for use in Sunday school, youth groups, outreach, and more! Need one per student plus extras for the classroom.


  • Thirteen Bible study lessons
  • Thirteen weeks of devotionals
  • Essential teaching tools align with Teacher's Guide
  • Three to five feature-length articles, written by experts in youth ministry and education
  • Interactive worksheets and quizzes that encourage spiritual growth
  • Trivia, teen advice columns, inspirational quotes, creative locker posters, and more
  • Intense graphic appeal
  • Riveting, relevant topics

Each of the 13 lessons contains step-by-step instructions to help teachers prepare and lead the discussion, with Bible background, tips for teaching high schoolers, and a variety of activities to help your students learn and apply the Bible lesson. The Teacher's Commentary serves as a guide for teachers as you use the brand-new student magazine, Blueprint, providing the exact location for each Bible study and each article, to help facilitate in-class use. Need one per teacher.


  • Understanding the Bible sections help the teacher prepare for the class
  • Understanding Your Students
  • Pre-session activities for group involvement

Additional Features Include Easy four-step lesson plan:

  • Life Need: an intro step to get teens engaged with the topic of the week
  • Bible Learning: the Bible study portion where teens will read the week's Bible passage, answer questions, and discuss
  • Bible Application: the teacher has three choices for activities that will help teens explore the Bible lesson in-class
  • Life Response: teens will take ownership of putting into practice that week's Bible principle
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