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 LEAD Conference 
  • For complete overview of the conference,
    please download LEAD Conference Informational Packet here

    Theme:“Igniting Extraordinary Church Growth: Same Vision, New Approach”
    (2 Peter 3:18)

    St. Stephens Church, Dr. Kevin Cosby, Pastor, Louisville, KY
    Hosted by: Simmons College of Kentucky

    Host Hotel:
    Galt House
    Louisville, KY
    Phone: 502-589-5200

    Rate: Single: 129.00 per night, plus tax, Suite: 150.00 per night, plus tax.  
    To make your reservation, please click on the Galt House Reservation link below or you can call 502-589-5200 and ask for the NBCA Press LEAD Conference discount rate.
    Galt House Reservation

    You may pre-register online by clicking on the link below or you can contact NBCA Press or NBCA to phone in your pre-registration.

    Partial Payments: You have the option to pay partial or all of the registration amount when you register. There is a minimum of a $50.00 payment due to enter into the partial payment agreement. If you choose to make partial payments, you can log in as often as you like to make payments. Please be sure to use the same email address each time you make a payment.
    Online Pre-Registration

    About the Conference:
    NBCA Press is excited to present our first LeadershipEmpowerment And Development Conference (LEAD Conference) which is designed to provide relevant courses to help equip today’s church leaders with the necessary training, tools and strategies to effectively strengthen their particular area of ministry. Courses are designed wherein attendees will walk away with immediate tools and strategies for implementation.

    The LEAD Conference is a 3-day conference with inspiring classes in the morning and afternoon. We’re excited to offer courses for pastors, Sunday School teachers and superintendents, women mentors, administrative assistants, media ministry leaders, finance teams, Christian education leaders, greeters, ushers, security, parking lot attendees and more!

    The registration cost for the conference is $179.00 per person which includes the choice of a 3-day morning session, 2-day afternoon session, opening reception, tour and prayer at NBCA’s retreat center, registration bag and program, courtesy transportation to and from the airport, and retreat center. Hotel and course books are not included in the registration

    Opening Reception and Tour of NBCA Retreat Center
    On Monday evening we will be hosting an opening reception at St. Stephens Church, followed by a tour and prayer at NBCA's Retreat Center, led by President Tolbert. This is an opportunity to fellowship with other attendees, get to know your instructors and take a tour of NBCA’s beautiful 56-acre retreat center.

    In order to properly plan for food and transportation, we ask that when you register to please click on the box to confirm that you will be attending the opening reception. Transportation will be provided to and from the retreat center. There is no cost to attendees who have registered for the conference.

    Morning Courses (3-Day Track)
    Title: Re-Imagining Christian Education
    Course Overview: The important skill of re-imagining allows us to mentally re-create and envision things with future possibilities. Employ your imagination and rethink Christian Education in the framework of what is possible. If things in our day-to-day lives (social media, smart phones, visual doorbells, smart cars, etc.) have been modernized and simplified, Christian Education can be also. Come study with an expert and discover what is possible to modernize Christian Education in your church!

    Title: Inter-Generational Ministry and the Future of Black Churches
    Course Overview :Does your church ministry appeal to typical, routine, sedentary members, or does it appeal to lively, texting, tweeting, social-media-savvy members? Have you considered where your church will be twenty years from now? Attend this workshop and learn from one of the country’s leading pastors on how to create ministry for multiple generations and ensure the future of your church is vibrant and growing for years to come.

    Title: Technology and the 21st Century Ministry
    Course Overview: The world is changing! Look at your cell phone and you can see how technology has advanced in just a few short years. Innovation attracts people. Attend this workshop and learn from a highly successful leader on how technological advancements can enhance your worship service, reach scores of people in evangelism, improve your church’s marketing efforts, increase church revenue, and improve preaching and teaching.

    Title: Practical Knowledge and Skills for Church & Pastor’s Administrative Assistants (Paid or Volunteers)
    Course Description: Serving as a Church or Pastor’s Administrative Assistant is an honor. In this course, administrative assistants will discuss best practices in regard to knowing what information is confidential and what to share, how to deal with difficult people, effectively managing multiple projects, balancing Sunday services when work interferes with your worship, and other topics including organizational skills and time management. This course is a must for paid administrative assistants and churches who utilize volunteers with the gift of administration.

    Title: Equipping the Pastor for Ministry
    Course Overview:This is the workshop to attend! Why? Because it covers three pertinent topics that directly affect pastors:
    Focuses on Preaching, Self-care, Church law! In this workshop, pastors will learn strategies that strengthen preaching. Pastors will take an in-depth look at personal issues such as depression, burnout, and the seldom-discussed topic of suicide. Finally, pastors will learn major trends impacting ministry today. Pastors will leave equipped to preach, care for themselves, and to lead their churches to meet the challenges of 21st century ministry.

    Afternoon Courses (2-Day Tracks)
    Title: Developing and Growing Your Small Groups Ministry
    Course Description: Open dialogue is always needed for the success of small group topics and this workshop will provide participants with skills and hypothetical applications of how to engage individuals and encourage open dialogue in small group settings. This course will help churches starting small groups and churches looking to become more effective with their small group ministries.

    Title: Finances and the Church
    Course Description:Organized record-keeping is the key to success in personal, business and church matters. This workshop underscores the benefits of keeping accurate records and how they are needed for both tax and legal purposes. Attend this workshop and receive demonstrations of manual and electronic accounting methods that will help keep your church records accurate and accessible.

    Title: How Church Hospitality is the First Step in Visitors Becoming Members
    Course Description: From the moment a visitor pulls into the parking lot, the message is clear as to the churches value on hospitality. Is signage clear? Are the right people greeting members and visitors? Is there a clear place for additional information? Are greeters trained to assist the handicap or disabled? When a church develops and implements a hospitality process, it reveals the churches value that the comfort of guests, dignitaries and members are of importance to the church. This class is designed for ushers, parking lot attendees, greeters and whoever your church has interacting members and visitors. Come learn how to develop a hospitality plan and also learn what your hospitality team might be doing that is offensive and causing visitors to never return to your church.

    Title: Heart to Heart: Women’s Wisdom in Mentoring Younger Women in the Church
    Course Description:This class is designed to provide spiritual tools mentoring younger women in the church as given in the book of Titus 2: the older women are to teach the younger women to be reverent in the way they live. Mentoring requires more that telling younger women what to do. Women participating in this class will be inspired to take responsibility to become equipped to mentor the younger women. This workshop will also teach the older women how to be wise in their teaching and develop an intangible bond that will be loving, encouraging, uplifting, trustworthy and create a lasting relationship that goes from heart to heart.

    Title: Essential’s of Teaching Sunday School or Christian Education Classes
    Course Description: This class is designed to assist teachers in discovering and understanding creative teaching methods, learning styles, lesson plan development and tools for teaching. In addition, an overview of NBCA's preferred Sunday School curriculum, the CROSS and MESSAGE curriculums will be reviewed and best practices for teaching the curriculum will be discussed. This class is a must for every Sunday School teacher, superintendent and Christian Education directors.

    Cancellation: There is a fifty dollar ($50.00) non-refundable cancellation fee until October 22, 2018. No cancellation reimbursements will be given for registrations recived after October 15, 2018; however, the registrant may transfer registration to another person. This transaction must be done on-site and the person registering must present the registered delegates receipt. Conference registrations are NOT transferable to the next year. All cancellation request must be in writing and emailed to

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